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Societal morality to constitutional morality

Societal morality to constitutional morality:

Kalpana Kannabiran's Tools of Justice: Non Discrimination and the Indian Constitution is reviewed by Z M Yacoob, a Justice of the Constitutional Court in South Africa. Yacoob in his review examines Kalpana's thesis in the context of his own experiences in South Africa. Though I have not gone through the book it appears from the Review that Kalpana thinks that non-discrimination is not equality. In fact, non-discrimination and equality are the two sides of the same coin. Non-discrimination is a facet of Equality and gels well other rights like Liberty, Religious Freedom etc.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The C in Congress - Indian Express

The C in Congress - Indian Express:

Four Cs were used to describe the nature of India's Congress Party -- corrupt, casteist, communalist & criminal. Now PB Mehata has added a new C - cynical. In fact, the INC is responsible for most of the ills bedeviling Indian polity.

Black Money and the poor UPA -2 Police! Cartoon for the day.. on Twitpic

Black Money and the poor UPA -2 Police! Cartoon for the day.. on Twitpic:

Lokpal and Constitution Amendment Bills

The Hindu : News / Resources : Lokpal and Constitution Amendment Bills:

A Lokpal( Ombudsman) bill was first introduced in India in 1968. Nothing happened. Many more Bills were brought, nothing happened. In 2011 after the disclosure of several scams a movement led by Anna Hazare, India Against Corruption, engulfed India demanding Jan Lokpal( People's Ombudsman). The Govt.'s bill is not what what Anna has been asking for. In conformity with Third World Countries' penchant for form over substance Govt of India is proposing to amend the Const. to give constitutional status to Lokpal.

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Invisible Censorship: How the Government Censors Without Being Seen

The Future of History | Foreign Affairs

The Future of History | Foreign Affairs: Francis Fukuyama

After predicting the End of History Francis Fukuyama is now anxious to know the Future of History. The future of history is as good or bad as the future of mankind. In fact in this article Fukuyama is examining the impact of the weakening/ strengthening of middle class on the future of democracy. Since the time of Aristotle Political Theorists have argued that it is the Middle Class which imparts stability to the political system. The broadening of Middle Class is co-terminus with the spread of democracy. However, in countries like India in order to broaden their vote bank some political parties are targeting the Middle Class which may prove counter productive in the long run. 

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debt by david graeber - / daily review

debt by david graeber - / daily review:

David Graeber should have confined himself to the problem of Debt in present times only. In trying to show his erudition in going back to " original ... moral and cosmological notion" of debt in Axial Age civilizations ( Karl Jaspers' label to describe the period between 800BC and 600 CE of China, India and Greece ) Graeber has exhibited only his ignorance. Graeber writes that in India it was about our debt to gods, in China it was about debt to our parents and in Greece "and sometimes in India" it was about our debt to the cosmos. In fact in India we talk about three debts which must be repaid: Dev rina (debt to gods), Rishi rina ( debt to the sages) andPitri rina ( debt to forefathers) . We repay Dev rina by performing Yagnas, Rishi rina by spreading their noble ideas, imparting knowledge to others and doing good work, and Pitri rina by producing children so that the family cycle goes on.

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Against abuse of the contempt power

Against abuse of the contempt power: V R KRISHNA IYER

Although the Courts themselves have realized the anachronism inherent in the power of contempt, Justice Iyer's opinion is always valuable.

Trust the people, Madam

Trust the people, Madam:

Why has the Family Brand / Dynasty been distrustful of the people of India? A masterly analysis by Nalapat.

Return of Buddha - The Times of India

Return of Buddha - The Times of India

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