Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bhutan Is No Shangri-La

Bhutan Is No Shangri-La -

Appearance is clearly different from reality in Bhutan. Behind the charade of peace, tranquility & happiness lies a tyrannical mindset of the Drukpas.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tantra Illuminated

 Tantra Illuminated: One Point of View about Tantra

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Millennials likely aren’t as conservative as they think

Millennials likely aren’t as conservative as they think 

In the mid-1960s when we were students Link, a leftist weekly, lamented that while scholars & students of other sciences were getting 'progressive', those of political science were getting conservative & reactionary. Now this study shows that people who are about 30 are more centre of right than any thing. Why is it so ?Is it the consequence of triumphant capitalism? Or is there more to it? Find out in this study.

Is there a “liberal bias” in academia?

Is there a “liberal bias” in academia?

I won't call this merely a bias. In India, in the 1960s, with active support of politicians in power, the radical lefties occupied positions of authority & influence in the academia, particularly in Central institutions like JNU, DU, ICSSR, ICHR . These radicals saw to it that only fellow travelers are appointed teachers & fellows in these institutions. They constructed Indian history in their own image, without caring for facts & truth. Most of our academics & journalists are the product of these institutions, who openly show bias in their work. I was enlightened by this article in the London Review of Books that even in the USA such attempts were made in the 1960s.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Veer Savarkar: the Historian extraordinary

Veer Savarkar: the Historian extraordinary:

Only those who read their history correctly can arrive at the truth. V D Savarkar , with his Pitribhoo & Punyabhoo, Fatherland & Holy land concepts, understood the essence of nationhood.

Monday, June 3, 2013

An Insider's Look at Hannah Arendt's Life—and Love – Tablet Magazine

An Insider's Look at Hannah Arendt's Life—and Love – Tablet Magazine:

A peep into the life of one of the most ravishing beauty & brilliant mind of her time.

Edmund Burke& the liberal causes

Burke & Sons -

Edmund Burke, father of Conservatism, really fought for liberal causes & justice in India, the USA, France & his own Ireland.