Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 --- The year of Expose

rajkjha.blogspot.com2010 will be remembered as the year of exposures --- the Adarsha , the CWG , the 2G , the Wikileaks , the Radia Tapes . The year has shown the true colour of politicians , bureaucrats , the journos , the defence personnel , the judges , including the ex - CJI . The nation is shamed , but the scamsters are shameless .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Congress on Collision Course

Politics TodayThe Indian National Congress , which is holding its83rd plenary session in its 125th year of existence in New Delhi ,  is plagued by the problem of lack of vision and and unimaginative leadership . When leaders like Digvijay Singh rule the roost in the party , the fate of the party is not going to be any brighter . Instead of looking at sudden spurt of corruption cases and causes of the dismal performance of the party in Bihar Assembly elections and Gujrat local body elections , the party is preparing itself  for collision with the RSS and the BJP . How can a rational man say that mistrust between the Hindus and the Muslims is the result of L K Advani's Rath Yatra in 1990 ? Digvijay Singh is bent upon creating a situation in which the two largest political parties find themselves at each other's throat . This will not only be bad for our polity but for the country and society as a whole . Sonia Gandhi's five steps to eradicate corruption would have carried conviction had she not allowed herself and her cronies to defend the corruption of the Congress govt. by juxtaposing it with the corruption of the BJP .

Monday, December 13, 2010

Who Cares for Parliamentary Democracy ?

Politics Today Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh informed the journalists who were accompanying him in his journey to Europe that due to the opposition parties' acts in Parliament there was danger to parliamentary democracy in India . The PM is right in suggesting that a stalled Parliament is not congenial to the working of  democracy , be it parliamentary or presidential . It is reassuring to know that our PM is worried about the working of our parliamentary system . But which model of parliamentary democracy are we following ? Surely it is not the Westminster model . In that model the Prime Minister is leader of the majority party which Dr Singh is not . In that model the PM generally is the leader of the Lower House , which Dr Singh is not .In a parliamentary democracy there is the principle of collective responsibility , which is conspicuous  by its absence in Dr.Singh's Govt.  Any democracy , particularly parliamentary democracy , is run through consensual , not conflictual , politics . In India Dr Singh's party is the chief protagonist of confrontationist /conflictual politics . In a parliamentary democracy the PM is central to the formation of the cabinet ,central to its life and central to its death . The Radia tapes have revealed the real position of the PM . It is true that democracy is a govt by the majority , but majority tyranny is no democracy . The Govt's disdain for the opposition's concern , particularly in matters of appointment of CEC ,CVC and the like , stonewalling the constitution of a JPC ,etc is not the sign of a healthy democracy .Politics Today ---