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Why Blame Others When Hindus Themselves are Cowards? | The Rediscovery of India

Why Blame Others When Hindus Themselves are Cowards? | The Rediscovery of India:

This is the translated version of the Kannad article for which the terrorists, which included DRDO scientist, engineer & journalist, planned to kill the journalist writer of the article.

Can India Revive Nonalignment?

Can India Revive Nonalignment? - Ashley J Tellis

Even astute scholars can misunderstand a policy. Find my take in Comments.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Corruption in India: In Vinod we trust

Corruption in India: In Vinod we trust | The Economist:

Paul H Appleby wasn't very enamoured with the Auditors. He felt that auditors, by finding fault with Govt spending, create road blocks for development administration. But Appleby expressed such views when Bihar was considered the best administered state in India and not many heads of govts - at the union or state levels - were considered corrupt. But then came Mrs Indira Gandhi's era. The Bihar CM Jagannath Mishra, when accused of corruption, asserted that it was an all-India phenomenon, to which Mrs Gandhi retorted that it was a universal phenomenon. Prior to Mrs Gandhi period neither Pt Nehru nor L B Shastree was accused of personal pecuniary corruption. Although Nehru was accused of looking the other way when his close confidantes were pinned down for corruption as in Jeep scandal, Mundhra case, Kairon case etc. Shastree's honesty and integrity were exemplary. Although L N Mishra's assassination was linked to the corruption in govt ( Mishra was said to have known too much), except Nagarwala case Mrs Gandhi was not held personally responsible for governmental corruption. Morarji Desai wasn't personally accused of corruption, but his son Kanti Desai's dealings gave some the opportunity to point finger at Morarjibhai. Things changed after Rajeev Gandhi became d PM. Early period of his tenure was a period of hope, but Bofors changed every thing. Indian polity has never been able to come out of the shadow of Bofors. When the fence begins to eat crop guarding it becomes very difficult. The Constitution of India provided for a Comptroller and Auditor General to keep an eye on the spending of the Govts - union and state. The CAG can't look at scams like Cash for Vote when MPs were offered money to save a minority Govt in a trust vote. Earlier also, during P V Narsimha Rao's premiership votes were purchased (JMM Bribery) and schemes like MP-LAD initiated to keep minority govt going, but Cash for Vote was different as MPs produced wads of notes in the Lok Sabha. But the confidence of the people was shattered when these who gave the bribe and those who benefited from were spared and the whistle blowers were put behind bars. In such a scenario any body who shows the courage to stand up to the Govt becomes a hero to the hero-worshiping people of India. Mr Vinod Rai, the CAG, is one such hero .  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A new home for forefather of our language

A new home for forefather of our language:

Do you find this new research on the origins of Indo- European languages convincing?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ram Krishna Paramhans: One of the Most Versatile Of Mystics

Los Angeles Review of Books - The Most Versatile Of Mystics:

Interpreting Ramkrishna  and  Kali's Child

In the Bhagwadgeeta Sri Krishna says that he is available to his devotee in the same form in which he wishes to see him. Goswami Tulasidas says in his Ramcharit Manas: " Jaaki rahi bhawana jaisi, Prabhu moorat dekhi tin taisi." One sees God in the same form as he/ she aspires to see him. In another word, man/woman sees God in his/her own image. If instead of looking at his spirituality, one is more interested in imagining his sexuality it is his/her choice.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Supreme Court slowly taking over Parliament: Markandey Katju

Supreme Court slowly taking over Parliament: Markandey Katju - India News - IBNLive:

Markandey Katju was a judge of the Supreme Court of India. He delivered many memorable judgments. After his retirement he was appointed Chairman of the Press Council of India. As Chairman of the Press Council he made many controversial and even ridiculous statements. A comparative study of Kataju's judgments and his later day observations after his appointment as Chairman of PCI by the UPA would throw light not only on the difference between two phases of his life but also show how thought process changes with the change of employer.

Does Contemporary Neuroscience Support or Challenge the Reality of Free Will? | Big Questions Online

Does Contemporary Neuroscience Support or Challenge the Reality of Free Will? | Big Questions Online:

Neuroscience neither challenges nor supports Free Will.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Politics of Riots in India

Head On : Minhaz Merchant's blog-The Times Of India:

Minhaz Merchant, a Parsi Indian, delves deep into the politics of riots in India. He doesn't mince words and calls a spade a spade.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Dilip Simeon -- Closing the Circle

Frontier articles on Society & Politics

Dilip Simeon's piece "Closing the Circle" in Frontier examines the past, present and future of Left Politics in India in a lucid way. One may not agree with his conclusion, yet it is an interesting study.

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The Tory Anarchist | The Weekly Standard

George Orwell,The Tory Anarchist | The Weekly Standard:

Orwell is relevant even today as like many of us Hindus he was a bundle of contradictions. He, like us, loved the past, hated the present and dreaded the future.

Broken Windows - George L. Kelling|James Q. Wilson - The Atlantic

Broken Windows - George L. Kelling|James Q. Wilson - The Atlantic:

Didn't we learn since our childhood that a stitch in time saves nine? Kautilya, the great Indian theoretician & practitioner of politics, said: " soochimukha hyanartha", devastating events originate like the mouth of a needle. If we take care from the beginning we'll not have to face devastation. Broken Windows theory says the same thing.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Assam’s tragedy has roots in history

Assam’s tragedy has roots in history: Ram Jethmalani in Sunday Guardian

Most of our problems have root in history, Assam is no exception. Broken Window theory explains most of our problems. Had our leaders taken care to understand and sort out the problems when they arose our history, society, economy and polity would have been different.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Disturbing trends in judicial activism?

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : Disturbing trends in judicial activism:

Judicial activism is the stepping in of judiciary in the domain of executive and legislature. When other institutions fail to perform their assigned duty the Supreme Court as guardian of the constitution has to step in . Friends of the Govt don't take kindly to this development, but the common people look towards judiciary to rein in the unresponsive and irresponsible govt.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Indian Ayatollahs of Secularism -- Part 1

Head On : Minhaz Merchant's blog-The Times Of India:

Very few words have been so much used and misused in India as secularism and socialism. These words were not included in the Indian Const. originally, but in 1976 through the instrumentality of 42nd Constitution Amendment Act Mrs Indira Gandhi got these words included. In consonance with the practice in Third World Countries form was given primacy over substance because the Indian Const was already a secular const. It could not be otherwise as Hindus are by belief, conviction and nature secular. Yet these terms were included to make people believe that it was only Congress which cared for the minorities and the haves not.The misuse of the term "secularism" has made Indian polity conflictual and confrontationist. Minhaz Merchant in his two part analysis throws some light.