Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Future of Politics

"In our time the destiny of man presents its meaning in political terms "asserted Thomas Mann . Kautilya believed that it is only through politics that the four purusharthas could be realized .But today politics is itself facing an existential dilemma . The practitioners of politics have degraded it to a level from where it is difficult to restore it to its original high pedestal . The theoreticians of politics have shut their eyes to the dangers posed by the practitioners of politics, both as an activity and a process . The practitioners have turned it into a profession without understanding the ethics of a profession . Every profession has its own clientele whose service is and should be the primary concern of it. The clientele of politics as a profession is the general public . If the politician , instead of serving the common people , indulges in self-aggrandisement , he acts against the basic tenet of a profession . What distinguishes human-beings from other animals is the consideration of morality. Other animals don't bother about morality , human-beings take morality under consideration in their thought and actions . Today the self-serving politicians are giving politics a bad name . As an example , I want to share a personal experience . Some years back , there was meeting of the syllabus committee to frame the syllabus for a course in Human Rights .When I suggested that there should be a topic on the Politics of Human Rights , other members of the committee objected , saying that politics should not be intertwined with a sacred concept like human rights . Please note that all members were the teachers of political science , heading the departments of various colleges . I have narrated this incident to show that even the teachers of political science find politics abhorring .No wonder The American has declared Political Science irrelevant . Wonder of wonders , even Amar Singh finds politics disgusting .

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