Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shamelessly Partisan Governor

Karnataka's governor , H R Bharadwaj is making the institution of governor , already controversial , even more controversial . Without holding any brief for the corruption-ridden Yedurappa govt. , one is inclined to think that Mr Bharadwaj is acting not as the constitutional head of the state, but as the leader of opposition . Mr Bharadwaj as the Law Minister received flak for his defence of the acts of governors like Buta Singh and Syed Sibte Razi . Now he has joined the company of Ramlal , Romesh Bhandari , Buta Singh and S S Razi . He has even surpassed his not so illustrious colleagues by asking Yedurappa to seek a confidence vote twice within a week , ignoring parliamentary practice . The Karnataka High Court's decision on 29 October upholding the decision of the Speaker to disqualify 11 members of BJP shows what type of Law Minister Mr Bharadwaj has been and what type of a constitutional head he is . After much criticism , Bharadwaj kept his mouth shut for about seven weeks . But the recklessness in him got the better of him . On December4 he again opened his mouth only to degrade the office of the governor . He questioned the authority of the govt to institute an inquiry commission on the land scandal . The Lokayukta has also took exception to the govt.'s move which is understandable . But the Governor's diatribe against his own govt. is a mockery of the constitutional scheme .

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