Monday, December 13, 2010

Who Cares for Parliamentary Democracy ?

Politics Today Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh informed the journalists who were accompanying him in his journey to Europe that due to the opposition parties' acts in Parliament there was danger to parliamentary democracy in India . The PM is right in suggesting that a stalled Parliament is not congenial to the working of  democracy , be it parliamentary or presidential . It is reassuring to know that our PM is worried about the working of our parliamentary system . But which model of parliamentary democracy are we following ? Surely it is not the Westminster model . In that model the Prime Minister is leader of the majority party which Dr Singh is not . In that model the PM generally is the leader of the Lower House , which Dr Singh is not .In a parliamentary democracy there is the principle of collective responsibility , which is conspicuous  by its absence in Dr.Singh's Govt.  Any democracy , particularly parliamentary democracy , is run through consensual , not conflictual , politics . In India Dr Singh's party is the chief protagonist of confrontationist /conflictual politics . In a parliamentary democracy the PM is central to the formation of the cabinet ,central to its life and central to its death . The Radia tapes have revealed the real position of the PM . It is true that democracy is a govt by the majority , but majority tyranny is no democracy . The Govt's disdain for the opposition's concern , particularly in matters of appointment of CEC ,CVC and the like , stonewalling the constitution of a JPC ,etc is not the sign of a healthy democracy .Politics Today ---

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