Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Indian Ayatollahs of Secularism -- Part 1

Head On : Minhaz Merchant's blog-The Times Of India:

Very few words have been so much used and misused in India as secularism and socialism. These words were not included in the Indian Const. originally, but in 1976 through the instrumentality of 42nd Constitution Amendment Act Mrs Indira Gandhi got these words included. In consonance with the practice in Third World Countries form was given primacy over substance because the Indian Const was already a secular const. It could not be otherwise as Hindus are by belief, conviction and nature secular. Yet these terms were included to make people believe that it was only Congress which cared for the minorities and the haves not.The misuse of the term "secularism" has made Indian polity conflictual and confrontationist. Minhaz Merchant in his two part analysis throws some light.

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