Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On November 26, 1949, " We, the people of India" decided to " Adopt, Enact, And Give To Ourselves" this Constitution. How we arrived at a consensus on the Constitution?

The ideal of consensus is the most democratic of standards.... The Indian cultural tradition, rich, deep, and undogmatic, has been able to absorb the most advanced intellectual concepts. Indian intellectuals were able to meet the early representatives of European culture on equal terms. They easily mastered both the philosophy and practice of modern government...
The Indians' sense of their rich cultural heritage, their record of professional achievement in the arts and sciences of the modern world, and their faith in their ability to go govern themselves, combined to give them a national maturity that allowed a reasoned approach to the creation and working of government. Equipped with the basic qualifications, attitudes, and experience for creating and working a democratic constitution, Indians did not default their tryst with destiny.
Granville Austin, The Indian Constitution- Cornerstone of a Nation, OUP,1966, p. 330

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