Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nehru's Make Believe World and the Chinese Betrayal - October 20, 1962

20th October 1962 cannot and should not ever be forgotten by us Indians. It had proved the Arab saying that an army of sheep led by a lion is more likely to win the war than an army of lions led by a sheep correct. Our leaders let us down. It is not that our leaders were naive. Nehru had clearly foresaw that China would use " international communism" and Pakistan " pan Islamism" to gain support against India. Yet, Nehru failed to comprehend the design of China against India. The " Five Fingers" doctrine of PRC was well known, yet India did nothing to meet this challenge by China. Rajinder Puri, a noted cartoonist with the Hindustan Times then, drew two cartoons . One cartoon showed Nehru returning on a donkey with his face towards China & back towards India with the caption "The Retreat"; another cartoon showed the then Defence Minister VK Krishna Menon offering Chou En Lai " First Sofa, then NEFA". Our leaders have been sacrificing national interest either for self aggrandizement or for some ulterior motive.

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