Sunday, February 5, 2012

Somnath on 2G: Can’t interfere with policy decisions

Somnath on 2G: Can’t interfere with policy decisions:

Politicians, lawyers and some journalists are worried about the Supreme Court's foray into policy matters. However, they conveniently forget that the Supreme Court steps in only when other organs of government fail to perform their duties conscientiously. As guardian of the Constitution the Supreme Court is obligated to protect the Constitution in letter and spirit. Left to themselves our politicians won't have any compunction in sacrificing the interest of the country for staying in power and personal aggrandizement. These people fail to realize that in India it is not parliamentary supremacy, but supremacy of the Constitution. As interpreter of the Constitution the Supreme Court is justified in examining the laws, acts of Parliament and omissions and commissions of the Govt. The Indian Constitution does not establish a totalitarian state, it establishes a limited government. In a limited government it is only the judiciary which arbitrates on the limits of all organs of the government. It goes without saying that there is a vested interest of many sections of society in the continuance of a corrupt system. Protests from those sections in cleansing the system is expected.

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