Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crimes ‘unfit’ for TV and "unmentionable" for Chief Justices

Crimes ‘unfit’ for TV - Analysis - DNA:

There is something fundamentally wrong with our systems - social,economic, ethical, political, legislative, judicial and information-communication. We never take a problem by its horns and try to bury unpleasant events under the carpet. This is the sign of a decadent society, which has given in to the " Chalata Hai " culture - permissiveness at its worst. We have given up the hope of bettering ourselves and our society. Our youth is forced to suffer for the "politically correct" stand of our political parties whose Summum bonum is to win elections to capture power. For our political parties power is not a means to an end, but an end in itself.

Even our judiciary is failing us. We go to the courts to get justice, but when women lawyers are denied hearing and justice in the courts and the CJ refuges to register the case as the act is " unmentionable". What a shame?Our judiciary has become the den of various crimes as judges are not only short on ethical behaviour but have begun to appear more and more politically correct.
About our media less said the better. However, Sunetra Choudhary of NDTV24*7 has publicly admitted the shortcomings of TV News Channels in suppressing some news and not reporting them correctly, even when they report.

One of the accused lawyers involved in the incident hails from Bihar. This has punctured the myth of changing Bihar.


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