Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Desirability of Bunds

Bunds, Gheraos, HallaBols are Indian contrivance for disrupting the rule of law and making  democratic life miserable.Even though Bunds have not found entry in Wikipedia & dictionaries, they are very popular with Indian political parties. Why are Bunds called? What is the teleological explanation of a Bund? Through Bunds what do we try to achieve?Are Bunds a means to an end or an end in themselves? Are Bunds rational? These questions beg an urgent answer.

If I recollect correctly Bunds were first introduced in Indian polity by the Socialists and Communists. The then Kerala Governor Mr Vishwanathan rightly pointed out that to call Bund to protest against shortage of rice was meaningless as " Bunds do not produce rice." Let us see why are Bunds called? There may three main reasons : 1) to protest against a particular policy or policies of the govt.; 2) to protest against an event; and 3) to show the support of the people for the cause. For these purposes the political system provides for mechanism of political communication and feedback. Why don't the Bund-callers make use of these mechanisms? The Bund-callers wrongly believe that causing hardship to the common people will frighten the side against which the Bund has been called. In public affairs, particularly in a democracy, the argument of reason is more effective than a show of strength and argument of violence. Bunds achieve nothing, cause immense hardship to the people, particularly the patients, children, travelers and daily bread earners. For organizers of Bund calling for a Bund is not a means to an end, but an end in itself. It tramples the Fundamental Rights of others, it endangers our lives, it fosters indiscipline and an atmosphere of anarchy. The time has come when we should firmly say a big NO to Bunds. 


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