Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bengal: success of failure

Bengal: success of failure: "Antonio Gramsci, the most important Marxist thinker after Karl Marx, had written about such a situation, "What is needed for the revolution are men of sober mind, men who don't cause an absence of bread in the bakeries, who make trains run, who provide the factories with raw materials and know how to turn the produce of the country into industrial produce, who ensure the safety and freedom of the people against the attacks of criminals, who enable the network of collective services to function and who do not reduce the people to despair and to a horrible carnage. Verbal enthusiasm and reckless phraseology make one laugh (or cry) when a single one of these problems has to be resolved even in a village of a hundred inhabitants.'' Under the United Front from 1967 to 1969, and subsequently from 1977 for the next 34 years, not to speak of the interregnum between 1971 to 1976, what Bengal got from the ruling dispensation was exactly the opposite of what Gramsci had written. Bengal ceased to be governed."Bengal will remain without investment because the state is in the stranglehold of lawlessness and populism. Bengal is an ungovernable state and has been so for a long time. It is a failed state because its political leadership has failed it; and the people, by again and again electing governments that are irresponsible, have also failed the state. The people of Bengal have facilitated the success of failure.
Agitation and populism are the undoing of Bengal.

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