Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Isaiah Berlin Affirming: Letters 1975-1997 - Jewish Quarterly

Isaiah Berlin Affirming: Letters 1975-1997 - Jewish Quarterly: "When Michael Ignatieff’s biography of Isaiah Berlin was published in 1998, a year after Berlin’s death, opinions were divided. Writing in The Sunday Times, Ralf Dahrendorf called Berlin “A Modern Day Erasmus”. The Cambridge political philosopher, John Dunn, however, called his review, “For Services to Conversation”.

Almost twenty years later people are still divided about Berlin and the central fault-line remains the same. Was he one of the wisest men of his time, a leading liberal political philosopher and historian of ideas who influenced the way we think about the history of culture from the Enlightenment and Romanticism to modern liberalism? Or was he merely a gifted broadcaster, lecturer and raconteur?"

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