Friday, February 12, 2016

The Himalayan Kingdoms in Indian Foreign Policy: A Book Review

The Himalayan Kingdoms in Indian Foreign Policy: by Raj Kumar Jha. 
Published by Maitryee Publications, Ranchi, PP. 398+vl.
1 986, price Rs. 225/-

The book, under review, is an excellent
piece of research dealing with Indian foreign
policy concerning the Himalayan Kingdoms
with special reference to Nepal. After the
expiry of the Indo-Nepal “Trade and Transit
Treary" on 23rd March, 1989 the relevence of
this study, which was carried out a few years
ago, has become more significant not only
for the political pandits of India and abroad,
but also for the common citizens of India
and Nepal to understand the complexities of
this foreign policy

Based on the macro approach and collec¬
tion through the contents analysis method,
the author has significantly attempted to
highlight both the subjective and objective
factors influencing India’s foreign policy to¬
wards her Himalayan neighbours.

Besides a Foreword and a Preface, there
are seven chapters in the book. The first
chapter is an Introduction where the author
has discussed the broader aspect of the sub
ject in Historical perspective. The first
ground of Indo-Nepal relations specially
before 1947. Thus, in the third chapter
the author has attempted to pin point the
India's foreign policy towards the Himalayan
Kingdom of Nepal from 1947 to 1951. India
and the Himalayan Kingdom: 1951-1958 is
the subject matter of fourth chapter. In the
fifth chapter he has discussed India and the
Himalayan Kingdom: 1959-1962. The role
of the intrusive powers has been nicely elaborated
by the author in the sixth chapter.

The seventh chapter is the conclusion, followed
by appendices, select bibliography etc.

The Maitryee Publications, Ranchi has pro¬
vided a good binding, printing paper etc and
has successfully entered into
market of book publication in India.!

D. P. Rajaure,
Centre for Nepal & Asian
Studies, Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu, Nepal

Man In Asia, Vol 2, No 1

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